Appsecuri Hybrid Security Structure

OWASP Top-10 Verification Standards
Advanced Automated Vulnerability Testing
Scan vulnerable word press plug-ins and misconfigurations
Industry’s most advanced logical testing approach

Our methodology works

Our Services

Penetration Testing

Red Team assessments for SME’s and large enterprises which include testing of web apps, mobile apps, network and cloud.

OWASP Top 10 Testing

Compliance verification testing for OWASP verification standards of mobile, web and cloud.

Database Security Testing

This Testing includes Injection Attacks, Database Leakages, Poorly Configured databases and many more.

Server Security Testing

This testing includes infrastructures security testing to verify all the latest server related vulnerabilities occurring real-time.

Appsecuri – CERT

Appsecuri-CERT is always there to recover from all the incidents related to breach or downtime. This team is always active to keep track of all the attacks on your website.

Malware Removal

Service includes scanning the code and removing any malware and backdoors from any type of application by our malware research expert team.

WAF Bypass Testing

Service includes special tests by our red team to test the implemented preliminary security such as WAF and third party Security API used for tracking of data.

Code Review

Appsecuri improves the quality of code by following latest code review standards and help eliminating those issues.

Attack Blocking

Appsecuri helps you to setup automated attack blocking systems so that all types of security attacks can be blocked.

Appsecuri Enterprise Grade Security

Appsecuri provides enterprise-grade security with intelligent automation of testing and threat-aware vulnerability testing, which is proven to work at a level, detecting threats that others can’t see through.

We to ensure the integrity and reliability of your applications do thorough manual review, prior to delivery.

Elite Team of
Ethical Hackers

Human testing of
application logic

Intelligent automation
of testing

OWASP Top-10
Verfication Standards

Why Appsecuri ?

Our automated crawling for new vulnerabilities/zero-days and
nightly/weekly test and retest will discover the vulnerabilities or zero-days that your other tool didn’t find.

Customer Geo-Emulation

Your customers access the web apps from around the world. We test your apps with multi-threaded scanner (continuously updated with new vulnerabilities/zero days) from Asia/Europe as well. Includes DNS spoofing and DDOS testing from these regions, emulating hackers.


Combine black box scanning and white hat hackers emulating malicious hackers to discover hidden vulnerabilities. We test vulnerabilities with various payloads and also test multiple vulnerabilities together to determine true severity level. Proven to find unknown vulnerabilities in Google, Microsoft, Facebook, eBay and Sony.

Powerful Strategy

Strategy plays an important role in securing your assets. We thoroughly map your infrastructure, and deploy a combination of automated algorithms and economical human resources to verify to OWASP standards.

Valuable Report

We manually review each report ensuring low/no false positives so clients get a clear picture of root findings, critical assessments, snapshots etc. We recommend retesting to verify all fixes and retesting in synch with product release schedules.

what our customers say
Thank you for your submission to Secure@Sony. We hope you won’t hesitate to contact us again if you find any additional security issues in the future. At Sony, we sincerely appreciate the professional service and quick turnaround


They are the best security company I have ever worked with, they are friendly and approachable. Their comprehensive report clearly mentioned all the recommendations with clear snapshots


We have done mobile application testing from Appsecuri. They have given the valuable report with their findings. Appsecuri has world class service

Kevin Russel

I would like to express my gratitude on your world class services. I have found the reporting in much explained way that helps me to fix the bugs on our side


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